About the Chicagoland Green Collar Jobs Initiative

Over the past several years, the Chicago region has been a  national leader in the emerging green economy. In an effort to expand this leadership, in 2007, a diverse  group of organizations founded the  Chicagoland Green Collar Jobs Initiative. The Initiative works to  organize  community stakeholders around emerging opportunities related to green collar jobs. Today, the Initiative functions as a collaboration of a diverse group of  Partners and is led by a  Steering Committee.

Green Collar Jobs Defined

As defined by the Apollo Alliance and Green for All,  Green Collar Jobs are “well paid, career track jobs that contribute directly to preserving or enhancing environmental quality. Like traditional blue collar jobs, green collar jobs range from low-skill, entry-level positions to high-skill, higher paid jobs, and include opportunities for advancement in both skills and wages. Green Collar Jobs tend to be local because many involve work transforming and upgrading the immediate built and natural environment–work such as retrofitting buildings, installing solar panels, constructing transit lines, and landscaping.” *  For additional information on Green Collar Jobs please see the report below.


*The Apollo Alliance and Green for All. 2008. Green Collar Jobs in America’s Cities: Building Pathways out of Poverty and Careers in the Clean Energy Economy.