Alexander Prentzas

Alexander Prentzas is the Director of Business and worker training services at OAI, Inc. In this role he is responsible for the direction, oversight, fiscal management and implementation of the strategic vision of OAI’s workforce development initiatives.   Mr. Prentzas holds a B.A. in Sociology and French Literature from Northwestern University and certificate from Sciences Po (the School of Political Sciences) in Paris, France. He attended primary and secondary schools in the United Kingdom and Greece.

A diverse professional background includes more than 15 years in customer service and training positions with American Airlines, during which he authored and conducted safety, security, and cultural sensitivity training programs. Providing language instruction and skills training since 1980, Mr. Prentzas, who is fluent in French, Spanish, and Greek, has been a member of OAI’s team since 1999. He has been a leader and advocate in helping shape local and regional workforce initiatives and policies and sits on the advisory boards of Roots – a national environmental literacy project and the state of Illinois’ State Energy Sector Partnership.