Naomi Davis, Esq.

Naomi is an urban theorist, attorney, activist, and proud granddaughter of Mississippi sharecroppers. She is President & Founder of BIG: Blacks in Green.™  BIG™ is a national network, one of America’s most diverse eco-orgs, and a thought leader in green economic development for communities of color…across 13 economic sectors.  Naomi serves as a bridge and catalyst among communities and their stakeholders in the design and development of green, self-sustaining, mixed-income, walkable-villages within black neighborhoods. She is author of “The 8 Principles of Green-Village-Building” — a whole-system solution for the whole-system problems common to black communities everywhere – which she presents in lectures and workshops around the country and teaches at the University of Chicago Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture; and at the Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner-City Studies at NEIU. Together with its precursor, Grannynomics.™ green-village-building addresses the twin problems of pollution and poverty as a culture-specific prescription with universal value.  Naomi is a Green For All Fellow, and for her work in green community economic development has received Lt. Governor Pat Quinn’s 2007 Environmental Hero Award, the 2008 Chicago Magazine Green Award, the 2009 Jewel‐Osco Environmental Stewardship Prize, the 2010 Citizen Newspapers “10 Community Leaders To Watch,” and Ebony Magazine Power100.